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MDEA Travel Agency
Recent Entries 
So, you've decided to join the City of Desai! We're so glad to have you~

Whether you're a returning player or brand new, this letter is here to help you.

Please follow these links to set up your character:

Taken Characters Click the link that leads to the section appropriate. If your character is from, God forbid, Care Bears, you'll go to "#-K"!

Friend Add Please go here and 1) comment as requested, and 2) friend add everyone in the game.

Please then join cityofdesai, bringonthenews and desaiooc. Make sure to be watching only desaionline!

Then please post your intro post to desaiooc, listing your name, your character, and where to find you! Anything else you want to put there is A-OK unless it breaks layouts XD NSFW stuff under a cut please!

Desai is a very complicated place in certain respects. That's why the following will be massively helpful to you!

The Extended Introduction Here, you will find all the stuff you can possibly need to know about Desai at this time. This gives history, explanations on plot running, on-going plots the mods run, info on the NPCs, etc.

Occupations List Not necessary, and not necessarily updated, peruse the existing list and the comments if you find you need a particular character type (a bounty hunter, or a researcher) for a personal plot idea. Otherwise, you can post to desaiooc for help.

Locations | The Map Get to know Desai! Feel free to build on it!

If you have any questions, or need to contact us as you have a Rebirth or Resurrect, please email us at welcometodesai[at]gmail
25th-Nov-2010 02:57 pm - ALTERNATE REALITY EVENTS (ARE)
This isn't going to be too in-depth (for now).

Basically, an Alternate Reality Event as of November 2010 means the ability to switch your character out for a period of time, despite major events. This is a personal event that will give you guys the opportunity to have fun.

It may be cracky, it may be serious, it may be wildly outlandish. Whatever you choose it to be, the only thing we need you to do is get mod approval.

Please email welcometodesai[at]gmail.com and tell us your plans and when you would idealistically like to switch them out!

Most likely, you will be allowed your time requested. Because of the fact that Desai is a rather small game, however, at this time we only will allow one ARE at a time to allow everyone their Special Snowflake Moment XD So the only reason you wouldn't get your time is only if someone else came first for that time frame. Mods will notify you of the date to start if that's the case.

Below are the characters who have gone so far.

        Germany Beilschmidt nichtdeinbff [test] October 14th - November 9th, 2010

        Vash Saverem wlkingdisaster November 13th - 23rd, 2010.

        Prussia ~~~details to be added following completion of event~~~
10th-Oct-2010 04:58 pm - Suspension/Ban Processes
The following post is in regards to the rare event of player suspension or ban. This is so everyone can see exactly what steps the moderators take when considering where to go next in regards to players and player complaints.

The moderators of Desai listen to all complaints. We may not always react immediately on complaints, but we do regard them and hang onto them for record's sake. Some complaints may be brought to the stage, some may stay in the safe and get dusty (do things get dusty in safes anyway?).

We attempt to give every player the benefit of the doubt. We do not listen to anyone sharpening their pitchforks or striking up their torches. Grudges exist. It's not fair to react immediately, so a suspension is never something that takes one month of evidence to happen (unless a player is that horrid D:). Minimum average time for behavior and evidence to escalate to a point for suspension/ban to be considered: five months.

There are players who allege that discussion of moderator policies and actions are prohibited. This is incorrect. Bashing, insulting and deliberate aggression toward moderators or in public venues of the game regarding moderator policy and action is what gets spoken to as this creates a hostile, disrespectful environment not only towards the moderators, but for players who may be in agreement to actions by the moderators. We are always willing to speak to individuals who approach rationally and civilly, with respect but with a point to make. We may not always agree... but then again, we might, which gets you posts like these.

The Warning Process is a tricky endeavor, because we really do want to think the best of anyone. There are links to research first, which are the "default game" warnings:
The Rules
The Harassment Policy
The [bottom of the] Chat Etiquette Post

In these, we detail do's and don't's in regards to behavior in the game. These writings are a bit long, but only came to exist solely because of increasing bad behavior of players towards other players and moderators.

The general rule is, on our end:
1-2 players, it's an individual talking
3+ players, it's a problem that needs to be addressed to the whole game, and mod posts are made

This is regardless of who the players are. We honestly don't care if it's a repeat offender in the 3+ crowd. If it fits in this area, then the individual will be treated in the mod post and given a chance with the group to modify their behavior.

Speaking to a player individually can come in a variety of ways depending on the situation: if it's a highly explosive chat or desaiooc post situation, we will jump in and tell the instigater to cool off in the quickest fashion that we can. If it's any other way that can be approached in IM or e-mail, we will do this.

We don't like to run through threats. Some personality types require a WE WILL SUSPEND/BAN YOU to get them to calm down. Some, we hope that continuously telling them to chill out, their behavior is unwarranted and unwanted, will be enough. We're all adults here, and it's kind of like your supervisor telling you to stop throwing stuff around the office to hit people in the eye. That should be enough.

Once in a while, it may not be.

As stated above, we collect evidence continuously. We do not delete anything that is submitted, even if a player leaves the game. So, when does this evidence become valid/invalid in a suspension/ban?

Evidence submitted within one month of suspension or ban will take highest priority. However, evidence from up to a year back may still be considered if any player expresses dissatisfaction in their memory of that event. This tells us that the hurt of that event is still harboring a negative impact in some facet of the game, and must be considered. In its consideration, it may be addressed--possibly for a second or third time, even, at the point of suspension/ban. (Noteably, when what happened back then is still happening to date despite conversations to stop.)

Evidence given to us not pertaining to the game is not considered. The only way this becomes considered is if it somehow overlaps, entering in discussion in the game communities or chat, or in an email or instant message originating in subject about Desai (it could be perceived as deception of subject).

No evidence is instantly reacted upon unless it is in direct violation of the rules or harassment policy.

When we receive evidence, we scrutinize it carefully for bias. If we believe, for example, a clipping of our AIM chat is an unfair clipping attempting to display a player in a bad light, but that is not the case at all, we will disregard that evidence right away. If another player is known for harboring bias against another by continuously filing flippant claims against them, it will be disregarded as a whole and eventually turn into a harassment case against the filing player if necessary.

Typically, we will not accept evidence in complaints involving OOC/IC attacks unless the person being attacked files the complaint themselves. The reason for this is that they may not take this as seriously as onlookers are. However, if we do reserve the right based on observations of OOC treatment between these players to accept and defend them without their complaint if we feel they are backed into a corner and exhibit behaviors of helplessness or fear if they do it themselves.

We reserve the right, wholistically, to stand up for players unable to do so for themselves.

The suspension notice a player receives has a very basic anatomy: What they have done to earn suspension, examples of evidence, explanation of why this is wrong, and terms of their suspension.

We do not discuss prior discussions as it is irrelevant. The player and the moderators know the history up until that point, and it is redundant to relive it.

Suspended players do not lose their characters, no matter how long their suspension is for. Their journals will be temp-banned from all communities and their character journals will be removed from the Friend Add listing. They will not have them removed from the Taken Characters listing.

On return, no matter the date, a returning player is granted one post per character for their returning month to assure activity is met. We understand it will be hard to return, and give this benefit.

Returning players do so with the understanding that their behavior must be modified, but no grudges are held. We will not sit here waiting for the first misstep. We will follow the same path as before, but the end may not be suspension the second time around.

As with the suspension letters, ban letters receive the benefit of the exact same information.

The difference is that all characters are removed from a players possession.

Depending on circumstances, we may even lift the ban within six months to a year.

We do not discuss details of warnings, suspensions, or bans with anyone aside from the player involved. However, suspensions and bans are not something that come with points to be argued. Because we take many months on average to give players many opportunities to change their behaviors, suspension and ban are the final, drastic steps in an arduous journey of mods and players.

All information is as private as the player being warned/suspended/banned allows. If they wish to show the information to others, this is their perogative. Even if the story becomes an incredibly ill-painted figure of the moderators, we will not rebut against accusations as again: we know what truly happened prior, as do players involved.

E-Mail inquiries will be met with thanks for inquiring but apologies in that we cannot share for the confidentiality of our players.

Players obviously will always draw conclusions, wish to make arguments in favor for suspended or banned players, and/or generally be dissatisfied with the situation, and that duress is unfortunate. However, we are here for the best of the game. We do everything we can to give every player, no matter how wild or meek, a chance to stay and be happy. Unfortunately, that cannot always happen, and hard decisions will have to be made.

Rest assured, that this post dictates what we do in every single case that is brought to us. We care about our players greatly, and only take steps that are most necessary given strict situations.
1st-Oct-2010 12:41 am - RECOMMEMD A PLOT
Would you like to recommend a plot for cityofdesai mods to consider implementing into Desai? Let us know here!

Please copy and paste the following:

- While we try to implement all plots by the next month, we make no promises depending on when we have the following month plotted out.
- Also about the above, plots are assigned to mods in rotation. If a mod has to take off unexpectedly, a plot may have to hiatus unexpectedly as well. It will happen though if it's been assigned!
- If we don't get much to work with to begin with, we reserve the right to run with it and make it our own!
- Generally, we will contact you when we hace questions on canon-specific type plots or plots that will be run by you, the player. Keep this in mind when giving us summaries, and the above stipulation!
16th-Jun-2010 01:15 pm - Extended Intro
The Travel Agency and MDEA
Reality TV Shows
Rebirths and Resurrects
The Hum
The Map
Permanent Player Plots
Alternate Reality Events

Stationary Items

The Extended Story

     The Travel Agency and MDEA

In 1934, coming out of the aftermath of war, Desai opened its dimensional borders to new worlds. The Multi-Dimensional Exploration Agency, or MDEA, built the Travel Agency to hold the railroad trains that would carry passengers to and from these worlds as they slowly but surely reached and opened communication with them. In each world where strong diplomatic ties were established, Travel Agency Hubs were built. These hubs were meant as ports for traffic on the other world's side. Some worlds only would agree to one, some worlds agreed to many. It just was a matter of how charmed they were over the men and women negotiators who came from a world they had yet to see.

In the early days of the Travel Agency, traffic was slow. Traffic was more outgoing than incoming, mostly due to the sensitive steps that it took to win over the heart of an entire world. Sometimes the project for such a thing would take years...

But now, in the present day, the Travel Agency is a powerhouse that runs 24/7/365 with more incoming traffic than outgoing. Where it was once a small facility hosting seven super-technological trains, it is now a massive facility spanning the entire Center-City coast and hosts hundreds of inter-dimensional monorails. A one-way ticket to or from Desai costs anywhere up to $200USD, or the equivalent in any currency as Desai can handle it, and entering is as simple as registering yourself in customs. One doesn't even need to forget their weapons at home! As long as their declare them when arriving, or declare themselves as a bio-weapon (magic user, metahuman, mutant, etc), they are good to go.

When a visitor to Desai first arrives, it's okay if they don't understand the flying cars, or the small gadgets that are used to connect everyone in the city to the never-ending network feed. There is an entire slew of information-giving agents towards the exit that will crash-course the clueless visitor on how to use a free device given courtesy of the Travel Agency and MDEA! It might not be the super best, but it's good for being free, right?

MDEA and the Police Department work hand-in-hand, and are there to protect the people in Desai. The police are obviously more based out of civil disputes and normal things that you would expect them to handle on a day to day basis. MDEA is more the military, and handles the larger stuff... and yes, there are things that happen that are much larger.
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Desai has a long history, and a lot going on. Because of its history, and the constant communications with different dimensions and new breaks into new worlds, it is a regular thing for
Desai to go haywire. Some events are pretty harmless, while others are complicated and even traumatizing. These happen on a monthly, sometimes even weekly, basis.

So why would your character want to even stay here?
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Reality TV Shows
Now, we often run reality television shows here at Desai. These are actually broadcast in two different ways:
  • A live, streaming feed on a website via the network that runs 24/7 during the plot.

  • A summarized show that airs nightly, Monday through Friday, generally from 7pm to 8pm, with Mondays running 7pm to 9pm to cover the weekend's happenings.

  • These shows are never actually written out but left to player imagination. What is written out is the live feed, which can be seen via logs over on

    When you join and work with the Friend Add list, you automatically go to watching the community. Watch desaiooc for announcements about new reality shows if you would like to throw your character in for the running! This is a great chance to improve CR and have a good, cracktastic time.

    And no worries, if you play a character who would never ever join, but you desperately want them to. We have an excuse for that when/if you sign up!

    Methods for these events change from show to show, so it's important to pay attention to the OOC comm and, if you're part of the show, your email as well!
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         Rebirths and Resurrects

    Rebirths and Resurrects have the strongest reason... no, need to stay in Desai. It's not a matter of life or death, but an internal bind that keeps them connected to Desai.

    Rebirths are: Characters that have died in their canon and are reborn in Desai. *

    Resurrects are: Characters that died in Desai and are reborn. **

    Leaving Desai usually factors in no more than simply a snark of aggravation in conversation for Rebirths and Resurrects. Sort of like someone complaining that they hate their country, but yet they never leave because they can't fathom doing so, Rebirths and Resurrects have every right to leave. But they just never really do it except to go on vacation. They eventually always get homesick and want to return to Desai again. For better or for worse, Desai is their home.

    How and where Rebirths and Resurrects return to life in Desai is entirely up to their player. It's only emphasized that if it will infringe on the space of another's character that it, of course, be discussed beforehand.

    Rebirths and Resurrects are also not coached as to their new lives when they are brought back. They are not treated any differently, even when discovered to be what they are, by the general population.
    faceofdesai is overly fond of these citizens when she finds them, considering them her children as much as a native is, but otherwise their lives don't change. Many awake and wonder the danger in leaving Desai for their homeworld. Will they die again? Will they be okay? OOCly, players are to know that characters are fine and free to leave. ICly, the characters must discover this themselves.

    In the future, Rebirths and Resurrects may become subject to more deeply rooted issues, but at this time, this is what it means to be one or the other.

    * = Even though you may state in your application, or canon-jump your character to a post-death situation in canon, please email welcometodesai[at]gmail.com exclusively about your character being of a Rebirth status so that the moderators may keep track!
    ** = Resurrects are per mod permission only, so we don't have character deaths raging out of control. Unless you have mod permission, character death is PERMAMENT. Please email for discussion, otherwise look for plots.

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         The Hum

    But what about everyone else?

    Once a month, a
    hum will take the city by storm. Typically not nearly as severe as it was on the day of launch, the Hum created an odd effect that most, if any, characters have yet to realize: they are becoming more inclined to stay in Desai. While their connections to Desai will never be as intense as the Rebirths and Resurrects of the city, it is in that same vein that they stay. Where the Hum comes from, no one knows as of yet. There might be theories, but nothing proven. And every month, at the beginning of the month, the Hum shakes through the city just to assure faith in Desai is strong for the next few weeks.
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    There aren't many boundaries to be found in Desai. Especially since the
    technology boom in May 2010. However, there are some!

    Flight is not permissible in Desai. If your character has some sort of flight vessel (say like James T. Kirk and the Enterprise), you would want to speak to mods about how that would work. Nor is leaving Desai in the world that Desai exists allowed.

    When a character accesses the publicly released maps of Desai's planet, one will notice that there isn't much out there beyond water, water... and more water. So, not much you'd want to see anyway. But if your character decides that it's time to adventure some that goes beyond the beaches of Mayra, they will be confronted by the often brutal MDEA Border Patrol. The Border Patrol are often hardpressed not to kill, and if they do not kill a trespasser, they will beat the living hell out of them before turning them over to the nearest police station.

    Otherwise, Desai is an open world with the only restrictions being that of common sense: If you go into the cemetary at night, you might get arrested. If you break into someone's home, you might get shot and/or arrested. Oh! And on the subject of that cemetary, you should check out the catacombs some day...

    There is one other spot off within Aikercia Tokyo that is slightly off-bounds. It's Little Silent Hill. Upon approach, Border Patrol will jump and drag out a trespasser right away--unless it is preplanned with the co-mod in charge of that plot that the character is allowed through. Please visit the link for details!
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    The Map
    Are you wondering about how Desai looks as a whole? Our Graphics Queen, credited on the userinfo of
    cityofdesai made us one in September, 2010. You can find the post for this map here. Please study it and understand it. Desai is an ever-expanding creature, but as of the year 2010, this is where it stands.

    Please always refer to the Mod Posts and Plot Posts for current information!
              [back to top]

    Most plots are mod-run. Most plots do not have to be! If you have an idea for a plot, there are two ways you can go about this as a player:

    1) Visit
    this post to drop the suggestion down for us! We suggest this method to be used when the plot is not fandom-specific, or if you are too intimidated to run a plot on your own. If the latter is the case, please simply make sure to be as in-depth as possible with the information we will need.

    2) E-Mail us at welcometodesai[at]gmail.com with your plot proposal. This is used when you are preparing a plot and want to host it yourself. Please give us the idea the month before you want to execute it so that we can plot around what you wish to do.

    Independent plots amongst players are A-OK. The only time mods need to hear about it is when: it will involve killing a substantial amount of NPCs, or even one PC if there is the wish to turn Resurrect, or if you wish to try to alter a mod-run plot or take a remenant of a mod-run plot. Because Desai has a core plot running, we just like to know what's going on in case it might infringe on something else that's going to happen!
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    Permanent Player Plots
    Would you like a place in City of Desai that you can call your personal playground? We're always looking for this, since Desai is at its best when the players are running things!

    As mentioned above, we're always willing to work a player driven plot amidst the mod plots run every month. However, if you want a permanent station, we can accommodate that as well. The requirements are as follows:

    - The plot must be fandom specific, and specific to a character you play from that fandom.
    - You must contact welcometodesai[at]gmail.com with your plot proposal.
    - Once approved, we will ask you to join
    desairecords, where you will be allowed to write a permament plot post as your personal hub.

    Permanent player plots will not be hosted like those listed on our calendars. It is up to you to advertise and draw attention to them. However, they may run whenever you would like, regardless of calendar-listed plots. There will be few exceptions to this--as a matter of fact, to date, we have never had an exception to this (but the possiblity is there depending on what happens). Desai will never change so drastically as to affect these plots.

    If you drop or just drop your fandom character(s) related to this plot, we will either need to find someone who can guide the plot or remove the plot. So if you stay in the game, you will not lose control OOCly, but we must have someone who has the edge to make the plot work ICly (unless it is a plot that isn't reliant at ALL on a PC in-game, then that's a different story).
              [back to top]

    Alternate Reality Events
    Are you interested in running an AU version of your character outside of a plot for such run by the moderators? You can do this with mod permission by going
              [back to top]

    Stationary Items
    A "stationary item" is something that was added to Desai from the start, and may not be found easily unless you dig through our extensive archives to find these things. They're little nuances not necessarily known IC, but you should definitely know them OOC to find ways to expand your gameplay and CR. So here is the list of such items:

    Conviction Avenue: Conviction Avenue original debuted as an ambiguous entity. More information can be found on it through inyourbusiness ICly, who has made it a personal goal to understand what is going on. A hint for you, OOCly: Take the premise of the Hostel movies and make them religious in the boundaries of the write-up linked.

    Snarky Gargoyles: If you've played Fable II, you probably remember these gargoyles. They're still around and still snarking.

    Zombies!: This was our first plot, hence the poor write-up. There are still zombies running around Desai, but they are quickly becoming an endangered species.

    The Others: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

    keepinguclean: Vergil the Superintendent made a [possibly foolish] deal with MDEA to become a city-wide guidance AI in October 2010. He is here to help you KEEP IT CLEAN. If you are unable to drive, if you require information, directions, or assistance from someone, The Superintendent may be your only hope!

    Little Silent Hill: Have you ever wanted to see what your character's personal trip into Silent Hill would be like? MDEA made a deal with Silent Hill in early 2010 to give it its own hub in Aikercia Tokyo. If you would like to give it a go, please click the link and follow the instructions there! Border Control is tight around Little Silent Hill, unless it's scheduled that it's Your Time.
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    Character Occupations Archive
    Newspaper Clips - can be found strewn about Desai
         ∴  Lucio Brae    deusabsconditus
         ∴  Desai    faceofdesai
         ∴  Dennick Sharpe    publiclysecret
         ∴  Caprice DeGaglia    icedagent
         ∴  Ahmea Greer    cultistsdeviant
         ∴  Donna Viasat    quietlypublic
         ∴  Whit Drumheller    equivocalsmile
         ∴  Elly Mae Jaeson & Axan Babyl    harbormasters
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    Updated by Kara on 10.24.10
    Updated by Kara on 02.03.2011
    15th-Jun-2010 11:34 pm - OPEN CLAIMS WELCOME LETTER
    We encourage you to read the extended intro post on how Desai works if you have not already!

    Welcome to Desai! Please do the following things ASAP. Promise you it'll take about five minutes of your time (unless LJ is being epic as it sometimes is).

    (01) Go here, pick your section based on the first letter of your character's canon's name (Trigun = T; Bleach = B) and register your character!

    (02) Go here and comment, and also get everyone added! You should probably revisit after Open Claims ends.

    (03) Please join your characters to cityofdesai, desaiooc, bringonthenews and desaionline. It's okay to join desaiooc with your personal journal as well--it's recommended in fact! Currently the communities have closed membership due to spambots, but we will approve you as fast as possible!

    As an aside, always remember to tag logs done in cityofdesai with your character's full name or pre-existing tag in order to be counted towards activity!

    (04) Say hello on desaiooc!

    (05) Touch base with the plot and calendar tags in the OOC community!

    (06) Post and have fun :D

    All questions when first coming in to Desai can be forwarded over to welcometodesai[at]gmail.com and will be answered as quickly as possible!
    The Magery Kiosks: When immigrants and tourists depart from their world and enter Desai, they are given the very communicators that [most] people in the city carry with them, to connect them to the Desai Online Network. It's one of the few less monitored mediums from the Multi-Dimensional Exploration Agency [MDEA]. This allows Desai denizens, temporary and permanent, to keep in touch with one another, even in other worlds, as well as do run of the mill internet hopping, by portable means. Obviously, these are much like PDAs, and also computers, internet cafes, and various other, hi-tech machines are utilized for connection.

    When accessing the maps of Desai through the network, anyone can find practically any establishment out there, including the Magery Kiosks.

    Magery Kiosks are several traveling units around the various areas of Desai, each manned by 2-4 talented White Mages per kiosk. They travel Desai, and heal the injured and the sick whenever they can.

    But here's the catch: There are only five kiosks, and considering the sheer size of Desai, this makes them extremely hard to locate. True, the maps have a good general location, at times, of their whereabouts, but often the maps are wrong.

    The white mages manning the Magery Kiosks hate danger, too, and will often keep far away from severe situations. But hey, if you see them, use them!

    Also note that, it seems, all the white mages that man the Magery Kiosks appear to be 5'6", of healthy to slender build, and wear white robes that cover their complete body, including their faces with a hood. Ironically, they look like Organization XIII members, only in white.

    Could there be a connection?

    They're also extremely against Desai's mayor and any decision he makes, though their reasons are unknown, as well as their own stances on political situations.</blockquote>
    18th-Jul-2006 06:51 pm - LOCATIONS: Bodies of Water

    Bodies of Water

    The Alcaine River: Just half a mile away from MDEA’s Travel Agency, based near the Center-City shoreline (hard to see, as the Travel Agency’s massive structure covers most of it, from warehouses, to the actual transport terminals, and everything else in between), the great Alcaine starts. It flows in, from the ocean beyond, and cuts Center-City nearly in half. It weeds through all of Desai, through all of the districts: Upper, to Downtown and Redlight Haven, to the suburbs and Old Desai. It is crossed over by complicated highway systems, train tracks, and is utilized for ferries, transport and leisure vessels, and even casino ferries.

    It’s in between the suburbs and Old Desai that the river meets another coastline and spills out into the ocean beyond. At both points, beginning and end, the Alcaine is guarded by massive harbors run by MDEA itself. The harbors serve for all manner of vessels, and as long as non-MDEA officials obey the restrictions of MDEA, it is a pleasant place to be!

    The Center-City Harbor Master is Rebecca MacFarland, 5th Class Officer for MDEA. The Mayra Harbor Master is John Greer, also a 5th Class Officer for MDEA. Any and all official decisions regarding their harbors are announced, and mostly made, by them both.

    MDEA Regulations state that any and all persons within Desai must obtain authorization before leaving Desai’s borders, if not through the Travel Agency to reach another world. Border Control and Coast Guardsmen stop any and all traffic from exiting the area in this fashion, and do have the orders to shoot to kill if necessary.
    18th-Jun-2006 08:16 pm - LOCATIONS: REGIONS: Old Desai
    Rituana District: As though stepping right out of a steampunk movie, the Rituana District is the oldest part of the city, when it was first colonized nearly four hundred years prior. Victorian-Gothic, the entire place is full of houses overgrown with vines, cobblestone streets, and people who seem to live and dress like it's the 1920s (but at least they utilize modern conviences like computers and such). Because of the age of this district, there are many rumors of ghosts and demons roaming about, along with the standard warning that it's best to remain indoors after nightfall here.
    Rituana Cemetary: The oldest, and largest cemetary in Desai, it has been around since Desai was colonized. In the center of the massive cemetary is a tall mausoleum that glows gold in the night, and stands tall and gray during the day. It's said that this is the central point for the Rituana hauntings and monster activity. True or not? Who knows?

    Spirit Moon: This is little known occult store that sells everything from books on spirituality to 'ingredients' for witchcraft. There are shelves upon shelves of fascinating items, including voodoo dolls and ritual knives. The place has a rather unpleasant aura about it, as if there are unseen creatures in the shadows watching your every move. Many visitors have claimed to have felt malevolent presences, and some people have only stayed in there for a moment before leaving.

    If you want to SUBMIT locations for me to consider? tofmods@gmail.com, okay?
    18th-Jun-2006 07:08 pm - LOCATIONS: REGIONS: Desai Suburbia
    Mayra: Across from Tayon, past Center-City, and distanced by some highways and forest area is Mayra. A quaint, but large district that resembles ideal suburbia. From small, $20,000 home neighborhoods, to large $500,000 neighborhoods, this is about as average a place that you can get in all of Desai.

    If you want to SUBMIT locations for me to consider? tofmods@gmail.com, okay?
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